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Surgery Long Beach Orthopedic Center 1 - SurgeryDespite our best efforts to treat orthopedic injuries and conditions with non-invasive treatment methods, there are some instances that require surgery in order to provide you with complete relief and restore your range of motion. The doctors at Long Beach Orthopedic Center are typically able to use minimally-invasive surgical approaches to make your recovery as short as possible.

Some of our surgical procedures include:

  • Arthroscopy – The use of small incisions and instruments to view the internal structure of a joint to assist with diagnosis and treatment.
  • Bone graft substitution – The securing of a shaped graft with pins, screws, or plates. This is most commonly performed in the hips, legs, arms, and knees.
  • Surgery Long Beach Orthopedic Center 2 - SurgeryRepair or removal of cartilage – The surgical repair of cartilage through more than one possible approach, including controlled bleeding in the area to stimulate cartilage growth.
  • Tendon repair – Securing together the torn ends of a tendon.
  • Spinal surgery – The repair of the spine and discs through procedures like laminectomy, microdiscectomy, spinal fusion, and more.