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Rehabilitation Long Beach Orthopedic Center 1 - Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a later stage of treatment, but it is very important. This aspect of your care involves training and therapy that will help you to restore your range of motion and flexibility. In some cases, it helps you to recover socially and psychologically as well. Sometimes, rehabilitation involves preparing for an upcoming surgery.

Rehabilitation Long Beach Orthopedic Center 2 - RehabilitationFollowing your surgery or injury, you might be forced to keep some areas rested through the use of a splint, cast, crutches, or wheelchair. It is important to restore your strength and flexibility to these areas in a safe way through methods like:

  • Massage – This improves blood flow and relieves tension
  • Heat therapy – This soothes the area and encourages healing
  • Rehabilitation Long Beach Orthopedic Center 3 - RehabilitationStretching – This improves your muscle function
  • Stability exercises – This restores movements to the affected area
  • Physical therapy – This provides restored balance, strength, and flexibility

In many cases, your doctor will give you special exercises to practice at home to continue your recovery.