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Orthopedic Care Long Beach Orthopedic Center 1 - Orthopedic CareOrthopedic At Long Beach Orthopedic Center, we strive to offer a wide range of options for orthopedic treatments. Often, these types of orthopedic treatments are the first that we utilize for many types of injuries and conditions:
  • Braces and slings – These are used to keep an injured area in one place so that it can take time to heal
  • Compression – This method helps to send increased blood flow to an injured area, which speeds up healing
  • Custom orthotics – Custom orthotics redistribute weight, helping to relieve foot and ankle conditions
  • Elevation – This is a method of swelling reduction
  • Ice and heat therapy – Ice is effective for reducing swelling, while heat can help to soothe pain once the swelling has gone down
  • Orthopedic Care Long Beach Orthopedic Center 2 - Orthopedic CareMassage therapy – This can improve blood flow in the area and provide relief from muscle tension
  • Nerve stimulation – This approach involves blocking pain signals from reaching the brain and spinal cord
  • Physical therapy – A series of exercises and movements that are designed to improve mobility and relieve pain
  • Orthopedic Care Long Beach Orthopedic Center 3 - Orthopedic CareRest – Some areas of the body are easier to rest than others, but this is often a simple way to relieve pain
  • Taping – This can keep joints stable while participating in activities that could otherwise cause more damage
  • Weight reduction and exercise – Many conditions of the hip and knee can be helped with weight loss

Keep in mind that the best treatment for you will depend on several different factors. Your orthopedic surgeon will help you to explore all the options available to you. In many cases, more than one approach is best.