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joint replacement Long Beach Orthopedic Center 1 - Joint ReplacementAt Long Beach Orthopedic Center, our surgeons provide joint replacement procedures when other treatment methods have not been effective in reducing pain or improving range of motion. Hip, knee, shoulder, and elbow replacement may be necessary in order to experience relief from your symptoms. Your joint replacement may involve only one part of the damaged joint (a partial replacement) or the replacement of an entire joint with a prosthetic (a total replacement).

Our surgeons are dedicated to ensuring that your replacement is working for you following the procedure. You may need careful physical therapy to learn how to move comfortably after your joint replacement.

Some of the variations of joint replacement include:

  • joint replacement Long Beach Orthopedic Center 2 - Joint ReplacementAnterior hip replacement – Performed through the front rather than the side or back
  • Total hip replacement – Use of a prosthesis to replace an entire hip
  • Revision hip replacement – Modifications made to a prior hip replacement
  • Total knee replacement – Artificial parts used to resurface the knee joint
  • Revision knee replacement – Modifications made to a prior knee replacement