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At Long Beach Orthopedic Center, we rely on many different methods in order to gain as much information as possible for a diagnosis. Our orthopedic professionals will perform medical evaluations and ask questions about your condition and medical history. We will also utilize a lot of diagnostic testing methods, such as:

  • Electromyography – This type of testing is also known as EMG. It is often used to discover the muscles and nerves that are affected by the pain you are experiencing.
  • Imaging – This includes a variety of different tests, like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which looks at tissues, and x-rays, which look at your joints and bones.
  • Nerve conduction studies – These tests are utilized in order to check for damage to nerves.
  • Evaluations Long Beach Orthopedic Center 2 - EvaluationsNeurological exam – A neurological exam is utilized when your sensations, movements, balance, and reflexes need to be checked.