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Your child’s body is still growing, developing, and getting stronger. Unfortunately, this places him or her at an increased risk for different types of orthopedic injuries. At Long Beach Orthopedic Center, we see children for any type of orthopedic issue, including injuries and conditions that are present at birth.

Common Conditions

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When your child first learns to walk, you might notice some toe-walking or underdeveloped arches. These are things that your child will eventually grow out of. It can be difficult to tell the difference between a typical issue and a problem that needs attention. Our doctors can help you determine if you should be concerned about your child’s orthopedic development.

Some of the most common childhood orthopedic conditions are gait abnormalities, cerebral palsy, bone infections, spina bifida, club foot, juvenile arthritis, and scoliosis.


Staying active with friends and participating in extracurricular activities is encouraged, but it is not without its share of risk. Your child can suffer from a sports injury like a sprain or fracture. Fortunately, sports injuries can be easily treated with methods like icing, rest, elevation, bracing, and surgery in more severe cases.