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Arms & Hands
Orthopedic conditions that affect your arms and hands can range from quick healing sports injuries to more complicated orthopedic conditions. Unfortunately, many of these injuries can involve long healing times, because it is hard to provide rest to such used areas of your body.
Feet Ankles thumb - Conditions
Feet & Ankles

If you experience foot and ankle pain, you probably already know that just going about your day can be painful. The surgeons at Long Beach Orthopedic Center work to make sure that you can receive the treatment necessary to resume your regular activities.

General Orthopedics thumb - Conditions
General Orthopedics

here are many types of orthopedic issues that are not specific to any one area of your body. Instead, you might experience some conditions in any or all parts of your body. The surgeons at Long Beach Orthopedic Center are experienced in treating these types of conditions.

Hips thumb - Conditions

The hips and pelvis can be the source of a lot of painful orthopedic issues. At Long Beach Orthopedic Center, we offer many different approaches to treatment for these problems. Some of the most common sources of hip and pelvis pain are:

Rehabilitation Long Beach Orthopedic Center thumb - Conditions

At Long Beach Orthopedic Center, we see patients for a wide range of leg issues, ranging from general orthopedic conditions to injuries sustained from sports. Some of the leg issues we most commonly see include:

Pediatrics thumb - Conditions

Despite our best efforts to treat orthopedic injuries and conditions with non-invasive treatment methods, there are some instances that require surgery in order to provide you with complete relief and restore your range of motion. The doctors at Long Beach Orthopedic Center are typically able to use minimally-invasive surgical approaches to make your recovery as short as possible.

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Your shoulder’s anatomy is made up of many different muscles, joints, and tendons, which places it at risk for many kinds of injuries and types of pain. Some of the most common shoulder conditions include:

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Your back consists of many parts that are responsible for your body’s movements, and your spine takes the brunt of a lot impact when it comes to sports and everyday activities. Unfortunately, this means that there are a lot of back problems that can surface.

Sports Injuries thumb - Conditions
Sports Injuries

The immense strain and impact of sports puts your body at risk of a wide range of injuries, especially your knees, shoulders, ankles, and back. Without proper treatment, a serious sports injury can sideline you for the rest of your life. At Long Beach Orthopedic Center, we take great care to provide treatment for athletes of all ages and all activity levels.